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Glass One of the most important types of physical evidence which is frequently overlooked by the investigator is glass. Its evidentiary valu

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1. Translate the text into Ukrainian in writing.
One of the most important types of physical evidence which is frequently overlooked by the investigator is glass. Its evidentiary value lies in the fact that there are thousands of different formulae used in manufacturing of glass.
Glass is a common form of evidence particularly at the scenes of burglaries where a window has been a point of entry. When a suspect is apprehended soon after a commission of an offence his or her clothing should be carefully examined for minute traces of glass evidence although they may be so small as to permit only an conclusion that they are consistent with samples obtained at the scene, this conclusion can strengthen the case for prosecution.
Glass evidence should be packed in a rigid container to prevent breakage. Glass evidence found in separate areas should be packaged separately. In a burglary where a window has been the point of attack, the glass found on the floor inside the broken window should be packaged separately from the glass found on the ground outside and that, in turn, should be kept separate from any remaining in the frame of the broken window.
Before any glass or window pane is moved at all, it should be photographed in detail to reflect the exact nature of the existent glass fractures. Moving the evidence may cause fracture extensions that could confuse or reverse the findings of the investigator and laboratory examiner. The same principle applies to fractures of automobile glass when a vehicle is pulled to the side of the road by a wrecker operator. All these underscore the importance of the investigator's paying particular attention to what has occurred between the time of the crime and the time that he or she arrives at the scene.

2. Are the statements true or false? Correct the false statements. (Use Text I)
1. In a burglary where a window has been the point of entry the perpetrator's clothing should be examined for traces of glass evidence.
2. Glass evidence located in separate areas should be packed in one rigid container.
3. Any glass found at the crime scene should be photographed before it is moved at all.

3. Match the offence with the correct definition. Translate them.

1. Looting a) is the crime of stealing
2. Robbery b) is stealing from shops, buildings, etc left unprotected after a violent event or a natural disaster such as an earthquake.
3.Theft c) is the serious crime of stealing large amounts of money from a bank, a shop or a vehicle, often using force or threats of violence.

4. Match a line in A with a line in В
1) to preserve the integrity of the crime scene а) уникати довгих, складних запитань
2) to sustain a serious injury b) досягати головної мети
3) items of physical evidence с) незначне правопорушення
4) to avoid complex, long questions d) зазнати серйозних тілесних ушкоджень
5) petty offence є) показання очевидця
6) the testimony of the eyewitness f) предмети речових доказів
7) to reach the primary goal g) зберігати недоторканим місце скоєння злочину

5. Translate the words in brackets into English . Translate the whole sentence into Ukrainian.
1. The (покарання) for misprision of (злочин проти держави) is (поз¬бавлення волі) for life.
2. Some offences do not (вимагають) an act as such.
3. The (слідчий) should remember that identical (прийоми) and (під¬ходи) do not work for all (свідків).
4. Although the police knew he was (винний) they were unable (до¬вести) it.
5. (За певних обставин) it is difficult to distinguish (кримінальні зло¬чини) and (проступки).

5. Complete the following sentences by using the words. Translate them.
prohibit, robbery, consequences, possess, approach, interviewing, testify, fee, assault

1. Typically robbers ... the scene with care but after the ... they may ... recklessly.
2. ... is a crime of physically attacking someone.
3. The rules of evidence generally ... people who have been declared legally insane to ... in a criminal case.
4. A person must always foresee the ... of his conduct.
5. ... is defined as the process of obtaining information from those who ... knowledge about a particular offence.

7. Use Participle I or Participle II in these sentences, translate them into Ukrainian.
1. Examination of the (to damage) headlights showed that they were on at the time of the collision.
2. If the police seize legally (to obtain) items, the search will be unlawful.
3. He entered the apartment and went into the bedroom where he discovered the victim in her nightgown (to lie) in bed on her back.
4. People (to await) trial in custody are entitled to privileges not granted to convicted prisoners.
5. In criminal homicide cases the amount of blood (to find) at the crime scene may be particularly important.

8. Paraphrase the parts in bold type using Participle I or Participle II, translate these sentences into Ukrainian.
1. The suspect who was attempting to break into the home of another victim was arrested by the detectives.
2. After the owner had discovered the car theft he reported to the police.
3. The instruments that are ordinarily employed in suicides by cutting are razor blades and occasionally glass.
4. People who are accused of terrorist type offences are tried by a judge sitting alone without a jury because of the possibility of jurors being intimidated by terrorist organizations or bringing in perverse verdicts.
5. After the investigator had located witnesses to the flight of the perpetrator he interviewed them.

9. Complete the following sentences by using the words in the box. Translate these sentences into Ukrainian.

be conducted, to destroy, identify, to investigate, to be taken

1. The investigator could not... the chemical compound which caused the death.
2. Units assigned to a robbery call should plan the actions ... at the scene.
3. People set fires ... records that contain evidence of embezzlement, forgery or fraud.
4. The search must ... at the place where the person was detained or nearby.
5. A policeman was sent ... the disappearance of some property from a hotel.

10. Choose the right form of the Infinitive. Translate these sentences into Ukrainian.

1. In Scotland the police may (detain/be detained) a suspected person for a period of up to six hours.
2. Although the gun found at the scene fingerprints and tire treads are evidence they require testimony (to explain/to be explained) their significance to the scene.
3. Information about how to prevent agricultural crimes can (obtain/be obtained) from a variety of sources.
4. Occasionally burglars are armed and willing to use weapons (to avoid/to be avoided).
5. The investigator must establish rapport with the person (to interview/ to be interviewed).

11. Transform the following complex sentences into simple ones using the Objective Infinitive Complex. Translate these sentences into Ukrainian.

1. The witness noticed the suspect as he threw away the tool used in the commission of the crime.
2. We expect that the investigator will solve the case.
3. The medical examiner considers that the victim has died of an overdose of drugs.
4.1 know that he is a burglar.
5. The secretary saw her boss as he fired a single shot into his right temple.

12. Transform these sentences using the Subjective Infinitive Complex. Translate these sentences into Ukrainian.

1. It is considered that listening is as valuable in interviewing as questioning.
2. It seems he is arrested for stealing goods from a shop.
3. It so happened that the collision on the road caused injuries and property damage.
4. It is known that poisons are rarely used in homicides now because their properties usually alarm the intended victim.
5. It is likely that the court will order the offender to pay compensation for personal injury resulting from the offence.


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