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1. Письмово перекладіть текст
The criminal court is considered by many to be the core element in the administration of criminal justice. It is the part of the system that is the most venerable, the most formally organized, and the most elaborately circumscribed by the law and tradition.
The criminal court houses the process by which the criminal responsibility of defendants accused of violating the law is determined. The court is expected to convict and sentence those found guilty of crimes while ensuring that the innocent are freed without any consequence or burden. The court system is required to seek the truth to obtain justice for the individual brought before its tribunals, and to maintain the integrity of the government's rule of law. While the criminal court should hand out fair and evenhanded justice in a forum of strict impartiality and fairness this standard of justice has not been maintained in millions of cases heard each year in the USA criminal court system.
Instead, most criminal defendants do not go trial but instead work out a deal with the prosecutor in which they agree to plead guilty as charged in return for a more lenient sentence, the dropping of charges or some other considerations. The entire criminal court process is undertaken with the recognition that the rights of the individual should protected at all times. These rights determined by federal and state constitutional mandates statutes and case law, form the foundation for individual protection of the accused. They include the right to an attorney, the right to a jury trial, the right to a speedy trial. A defendant also has the right to be given due process or to be treated with fundamental fairness. This includes the right to be present at trial, to be notified of the charge(s) to have an opportunity to confront hostile witnesses, and to have favorable witnesses appear. Such practices are an integral part of a system that seeks to balance the interests of both the individual and the state.
II. Дайте відповідь на запитання до тексту.
1) What is the criminal court considered to be?
2) What is the court system required to do?
3) What rights has the defendant?
ІІІ. Перепишіть дані речения в PASSIVE VOICE.
l) We shall discuss the matter tomorrow.
2) They make progress every day in English.
3) Nobody heard a sound.
4) Has anybody answered your question?
IV. Складіть 4 речення з данними словами: -responsibility, -to determine, -fairness, -protection
V. Визначте в данних речениях часову форму дієслова.
1) When they finished talking, they shook hands and went out separately.
2) I had not yet done half the work when he came in.
3) We understood it after the teacher had explained.
4) He lived in Odessa when he was a child.
VI. Складіть з данних слів речения зберегаючи порядок слів.
l)\tree\knоwn\is\a\ its\ by\ fruit\
2) \all A lose\ covert\ all\
3) \ word\ is\ enough\ a\ the\ wise\ to\
VII. Знайдіть помилки в речениях.
1) It is rained.
2) Mary what is you doing?
3) You can talk to him. He does not working.
VIII. Перекладіть речения на українську мову.
1) Every country tries to provide laws which will help its people to live safely and as comfortable as possible.
2) This is not at all successful in producing laws which are entirely satisfactory. But we are far better off with the imperfect laws which we have, than if we had none at all.
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