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Варіант ІІ «Г-Д-Є»
1.Письмово перекладіть текст. JURY SELECTION IN THE USA
Jurors are selected randomly in both civil and criminal cases from tax assessment, driver license, or voter registration lists within each court's jurisdiction. Advocates of more diverse jury pools contend that such lists don't often accurately reflect a state's ethnic composition. There is little uniformity in the amount of time served by forces with the term ranging from one day to months, defending on the nature of the trial. Most jurisdictions prohibit convicted felons from serving on juries as wells others exempted by statute, such as public officials medical doctors and attorneys. The initial list chosen, which is called venire or jury array provide the state with a group of potentially capable citizens able to serve on a jury. The court dark, who handles the administrative affairs of the trial randomly selects, enough names to fill the required number of places on the jury.
In most-cases, the jury in a criminal trial-consists of 12 persons, with alternative jurors standing by to serve should one of the regular jurors be unable to complete the trial. Once the prospective jurors are chosen the process of void dire (which is French for " to tell the truth") is begun, in which all persons selects are questioned by both the prosecution and the defense to determine their appropriateness, to sit on the jury . They are examined under oath by the government, the defense and sometimes the judge about their back grounds, occupations, residences and possible knowledge or interest in case.
Any prospective juror who declares he or she is unable to be impartial and render a verdict solely on the evidence to be presented at the trial may be removed by either the prosecution or the defense. Because normally no limit is placed on the number of challenges for cause that can be exercised it often takes considerable time to select a jury for controversial and highly publicized criminal acts II. Дайте відповідь на запитання до тексту.
1) Who can be a juror in the USA?
2) What is thee limit time to serve as a juror?
3) What is three process of voir dire?
ІІІ. Перепишіть дані речення в PASSIVE VOICE.
1) Somebody recommended me another ship to go by.
2) This is the third time they have written to us about it.
3) Someone taught him English.
4) They will allow each passenger to visit the bridge.
IV. Складіть 4 речення з данними словами. То prohibit, trial, impartial, to render.
V. Визначте в даних реченях часову форму дiєcлoвa..
1) Everyone will observe what you are doing.
2) He has given up making any further attempt.
3) He scrutinized the accounts to some purpose
VI. Складіть з даних слів речення зберігаючи порядок.слів.
1) \ never \ late \ than \ better \
2) \ choosing \ is \ between \ two \ no evils \ worth \
3) \ has \ bad \ news \ wings \
VII. Знайдіть помилки в реченнях.
1) I was read when he came.
2) What is you reading? 2) What are you hearing?
VIІІ.Перекладіть речення на українську мову
1) National and local newspapers regularly print accounts of legal cases and quite often the stones they choose are ones in which the punishment does not appear to fit the crime.
2) It is easy to read a paragraph about a criminal case and to become out geed at the sentence passed by a judge.


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