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Police officials and members of the public often use the terms homicide and murder interchangeably

Контрольна робота

Контрольні роботи.
Variant I.
1.Translate the text into Ukrainian in writing:
Police officials and members of the public often use the terms homicide and murder interchangeably. In fact, murder is only a part of the broad category of homicide, and homicide, defined as killing of human being by another human being, is divided into two broad classifications of homicides: nonfelonious homicides and felonious homisides.
Nonfelonious homicides may be justifiable or excusable. Justifiable homicide is the necessary killing of another person in perfomance of a legal duty or the exercise of the legal right when the slayer was not at fault. Excusable homicides are those committed during the act of self-defence or in nonnegligent accidents.
Felonious homicides are treated and punished as crimes and typically fall into two categories murder and manslaughter. Murder is defined by common law as the killing of any human being by another with malice aforethought. Manslaughter is a criminal homicide committed under circumstances not severe enough to constitute murder, yet it cannot be classified as either justifiable or excusable homicide.
The identification of a criminal’s motives has both legal and investigative implications. By identifying the motive of a crime, investigators can begin to focus investigative efforts in a specific direction. If a motive cannot be identified, the range of possible suspects is broad and therefore the investigation is more difficult. Murders tend to fall into eight general categories: spontaneous, profit, felony, jealousy, sex, revenge, elimination and political.
Jealousy murders, for instance, have a high clearance rate, because the assailant in primarily concerned with injuring or killing the person on whom his or her emotions have become fixed, rather than with escaping apprehension. The murderer is often a rejected spouse or lover and the victim may be either the person who has done the rejecting or some third party involved in a lovers’ triangle. Jealousy murders are sometimes followed by the suicide of the perpetrator.

2. Are the statements true or false? Correct the false statements. (Use Text I)
1. The terms homicide and murder may replace each other.
2. Nonfelonious homicides are devided into two categories: murder and manslaughter.
3. Jealousy murders are generally committed by a rejected spouse or lover.

3.Match the offences with the correct definitions.
1. Assassination
a) is killing a person deliberately.
2. Manslaughter
b) is murdering a public figure such as a
king, a president, etc.
3. Murder

c) is killing a person by accident or

4.Match a line in A with a line in B
1. to gather evidence а) уникати обговорення
2. to approach the scene with care
b) особа, що раніше не засуд-жувалась до позбавлення волі
3. the behavior prohibited or required c) збирати докази

4. to avoid a discussion
d) виявляти відбитки пальців звинуваченого
5. the length of imprisonment
e) обережно наближатися до міс¬ця скоєння злочину
6. the person not previously con-victed f) поведінка, що забороня¬єть¬ся чи вимагається
7. to detect the defendant’s fin-gerprints g) терміни позбавлення волі

5.Translate the words in brackets into English.
1.In the interview the (слідчий) must gain sufficient details concerning the (підозрюваної особи) and any (транспортного засобу) involved.
2.The (злочинець) escaped arrest at the (місці скоєння злочину).
3.(Лжесвідчення) is the crime of lying in court while giving evidence when you have promised to tell the truth.
4.The victim (зазнала) a serious (тілесне ушкодження).
5.Friendly conversation provides the interviewer with an opportunity to establish (взаєморозуміння) with witnesses and to obtain all (що стосується справи) information.

6.Complete the following sentences by using the words in the box.
require, indictment, witnesses, belong, armed, jury, property, flight
1.The evidence presented before a … was sufficient to result in an … .
2.British policemen are not normally … .
3.The investigator should locate … to the offence or to the … of the perpetrator.
4.Crimes of strict liability … no mens rea.
5.The … taken in a robbery must … to another, not the accused.

7.Use Participle I or Participle II in these sentences, translate them into Ukrainian.
1.A warrant (to authorize) a search of premises does not in itself entitle the police to search persons on the premises.
2.There are a variety of techniques (to utilize) in gathering facts on a case.
3.A man telephoned the police hysterically (to report) that his wife had just shot and killed herself.
4.The investigator collected all available information (to concern) the activities of the victim during the last three days of life.
5.A value of property (to steal) may determine whether the offence is a felony or misdemeanour.

8. Paraphrase the parts in bold type using Participle I or Participle II.
1. After the young black man had knocked the victim to the ground he took her purse and fled.
2. The perpetrator who is scrubbing the floor on which the body has lain is attempting to eliminate the traces of the crime.
3. In the investigation that was conducted by a West Coast police department a suicide victim was found with three gunshot wounds in the right temple.
4. A person who is charged with murder may be convicted of manslaughter if the intent can not be proved.
5. After the criminals had stolen the car they dismantled it for sale to auto repair shop.

9.Complete the following sentences by using the words in the box. Translate these sentences into Ukrainian.
to disappear, to be interviewed, determine, to perform, be packaged

1. The first person … was the owner of the grocery store.
2. Omission … a legal duty may be a cause of the offence.
3. The accomplice of the roberry managed … .
4. Lipstick evidence encountered at several differenrt locations of a crime scene should … separately.
5. The investigator must … which of the suspects had the opportunity and the means to commit the crime.

10.Choose the right form of the Infinitive.
1. Investigators attempt (to recover/to be recovered) stolen property through a variety of techniques.
2. People suspected of having committed an offence can (arrest/be arrested) with or without a warrant issued by a court.
3. Anyone accused of a crime except murder or treason is entitled (to apply/to be applied) for release on bail.
4. The autopsy should (reveal/be revealed) whether any victim found dead in the fire was dead or alive before the fire started and what the cause of death was.
5. Burglars often park their vehicles some blocks from the building (to attack/to be attacked).

11.Transform the following complex sentences into simple ones using the Objective Infinitive Complex.
1. The witness saw a man as he entered and left the house before the fire.
2. We expect that the criminal will be apprehended.
3. The police consider that he is an accomplice of the robbery.
4. I watched the guy as he took a bottle of wine from the shop without paying for it.
5. The medical examiner believes that the victim is dead of a bullet wound in her left temple.

12.Transform these sentences using the Subjective Infinitive Complex
1. It is known that many poisons produce symptoms similar to those of certain diseases.
2. It is certain that the search will be unlawful if the police seize these items.
3. It turned out that the burglars were armed.
4. It was said that he had a good alibi.
5. It appears that the investigator has obtained a full description of the crime scene and the surrounding area.


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