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Exercise 1. Transform the sentences according to the model.

Model: I'm accustomed to setting objectives. I'm used to setting objectives.

1. We are accustomed to having unlimited liability.

2. He is accustomed to delegating authority.

3. They are accustomed to hiring and firing people.

4. She is accustomed to working as a head of the department.

5. You are accustomed to working under pressure.

6. The executive is accustomed to making decisions.

Exercise 2. Change the modal verb according to the model.

Model: We ought to set objectives this month. We should set objectives this month.

1. They ought to talk about the functions of an executive.

2. A manager ought to make careful decisions.

3. An executive ought to be very competent.

4. A vice-president ought to decide on hiring, firing, vacation, working hours.

5. The board of directors ought to plan objectives and changes.

6. They ought to have a meeting with the head of the department.

Exercise 3. Your executive is a very tough man. What should his staff do to please him?

For ideas:

to be creative

to be well-organized

to keep fit

to be punctual

to be enthusiastic

to obey the rules

Exercise 4. Answer the questions.

1. What working position is the best for you?

2. Are you accustomed to working under pressure?

3. Are you accustomed to a red tape job?

4. Do you want to be an executive or an administrator of a big company? What should you do for it?

5. What qualities do you need to be an executive of the company?

6. What does it mean to be a competent manager?

Exercise 5. Supply the articles where necessary. Translate.

... principal trends of our activities are:

— training, retraining, enhancing skills and establishing ... system of ... continuous education of ... managers and specialists in ... field of ... personnel management as ... whole;

— establishing ... criteria and methods of ... personnel selection and qualification of ... personnel and ... social development work;

— providing ... personnel activities with ... effective personnel technologies, developing and putting into ... practice ... modern forms and methods of ... personnel management;

— studying and sharing ... world experience of ... personnel management, consulting in ... field of ... personnel management.

Exercise 6. Supply the correct tense-forms of the verbs. Translate.

To be engaged in such activities (to be) necessary to have an organization sufficiently independent of state structures, free to carry out its plans that (to unite) qualified specialists on the work with personnel. The prototype of such an organization (to be) the cooperative «The Kyiv Inculcation Centre "Personnel" which (to be) created in 1989.

At that time the organization (to establish) its branches in Ukraine, Byelorussia and Russia which (to train) more than one thousand staff workers early.

The work of the People's University (to make) possible to extend the research conducted, master the system of training, improve and perfect a scientific and methodical provision of the process of studies.

Exercise 1. Choose the necessary word and put it in the sentence (to advertise, resume, employee, applicant, personnel office, qualification, agency, personal).

1. We are going to interview three ... on the position.

2. If you need applications for this position, ... in a special section of the local newspaper.

3. Personnel office will help you to find a new ... .

4. All the information about the staff of the firm can be found in ... .

5. She has a good ... for the position: a college degree, good work experience.

6. I want to find a new secretary, so I'll call an employment ... .

7. If you are an applicant for the position, you have to write your ...

8. Don't ask him ... questions, it will be impolite.

Exercise 2. Translate into English.

1. Його посада в компанії дуже важлива.

2. Адміністратор ставить цілі, приймає на роботу, звільняє.

3. Вона не любить працювати за примусом.

4. Я звикший до канцелярської роботи.

5. Керуючий повинен бути компетентним.

6. Керівник цієї групи- дуже талановитий спеціаліст.

7. Нам потрібно найняти нового службовця.

8. Розмістіть оголошення у газеті.

9. Цей керівник з великим досвідом.

10. Ми повинні розглянути два види характеристик.

11. Претенденти на посаду повинні вислати резюме.

12. Ви знайдете усю інформацію у відділі кадрів.

13. Зверніться в агенство за наймом.

14. Роботодавець повинен звернутися в консультаційну фірму.

Exercise 1. Put the verbs in brackets into the proper present tense (Present Indefenite, Present Continuous or Present Perfect).

1. The vice-president usually (to set) objectives for the staff.

2. Don't disturb me, please, I (to work) with the annual report.

3. This firm often (to advertise) in different newspapers and magazines.

4. We advertised in a special section of the newspaper but we (not to receive) the resumes yet.

5. We (to evaluate) already the candidates through the interview.

6. We (to look for) a specialist suitable for the position at the present moment.

7. He (to sent) just his resume and the letter of interest.

8. They (to fire) the manager. He was not suitable for the position.

9. You have to wait a little. He (to consult) with the executive.

If you decide to apply for a job in the western countries, you will probably need to form two documents: a letter of interest and a resume. This is the way how to do it. Read the letter of interest and a resume and try to write your own documents of the same kind.

a) a letter of interest

Dear Sir or Madame,

I graduated from Kyiv State University in 1985. Now I am finishing my post-graduate studies to defend my candidate thesis this winter. My major subject is called the theory of literature, which includes the study of the history of Ukrainian and foreign literature.

I am interested in working in the Ukrainian department of your University as a teacher of Ukrainian and Ukrainian literature for the school year 1998—1999. In high school I gained experience teaching Ukrainian to foreign students. In your department I could assist in the teaching of grammar, conduct a class in Ukrainian conversation or give lectures on Ukrainian literature.

If you are interested, please write me at the above address. I will look forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely, Petrenko I. I.

b) a resume

EDUCATION Kyiv State University, Philological Faculty, English Department (1983). Kyiv State University. Postgraduate course (1990).

EXPERIENCE Kyiv State University. Philological Faculty. I delivered lectures on European Literature of the 17—18th centuries (Fall 1988 Present).

Kyiv State University. Philological Faculty Department of Ukrainian language. Lecturer on Ukrainian Literature of the 19—20th centuries (Fall 1988 — Summer 1994). Kyiv State University. Summer Courses of Ukrainian Language for Foreign Students. Teacher of Ukrainian Language (Summer 1989, 1990, 1991). Kyiv State University. Department of English. Teacher of English (1988—1994).

ACTIVITIES Intercontact Co-operative Firm. Courses of intensive studies of foreign languages. Teacher of English. Kyiv State University Exchange program by Kyiv and Eastern Washington Universities. Tutor of American postgraduates in Ukrainian conversa-tional skills (Fall 1989 — winter 1990). Private English lessons (Fall 1989 — Present).

PUBLICATIONS I am the author of 6 articles published in different editions of collections of articles. The topic of these articles is related to folk and romantic British balladry, the latter being the subject of my candidate thesis which I am going to defend this year.

LANGUAGES Ukrainian (native language), English, French.

Exercise 1. Choose the necessary word and put it in the sentence (relationships, to hold a position, authority, complex, task, a line department, a staff department).

1. Organization structure shows ... between each position and positions above and below.

2. A sales manager has direct ... over a salesman.

3. As a rule a ... usually does not give orders to other departments.

4. When the business gets more ... there is a need for staff departments.

5. My friend of sales manager.

6. The ... of staff departments is to do different services.

7. My friend works in a … , he is responsible for the company product.

Exercise 1. Give affirmative and negative answers to the questions.

Model: Have you examined the organizational structure of the company yet?

Yes, I have already examined it. No, I haven't examined it yet.

1. Have you reported to the controller yet?

2. Have you settled this problem with the manager yet?

3. Have you learned line and staff positions of the company yet?

4. Have you got acquainted with your immediate superior yet?

5. Have you heard about his span of control yet?

6. Have you met your immediate subordinates yet?

7. Have you passed your report to the credit department yet?

Exercise 2. Change the sentences according to the model.

Model: A staff employee doesn't give orders.

A staff employee doesn't receive orders.

A staff employee neither gives, nor receives orders.

1. He isn't a Controller. He isn't a sales manager.

2. The head of the credit department doesn't advise the President. The head of the credit department doesn't report to controller.

3. He doesn't want to hold a position of vice-president of marketing. He doesn't want to hold a position of general manager.

4. A credit department doesn't have direct authority over a line department. A personnel department doesn't have direct authority over a line department.

5. I don't want to talk with the Boss. I don't want to talk with the Controller.

6. She doesn't like to give orders. She doesn't like to receive orders.

7. Jecky doesn't want to attend annual meetings of shareholders. Susan doesn't want to attend annual meetings of shareholders either.

Exercise 3. Answer the questions.

1. What is your relationship with your immediate superior?

2. What position in your company do you want to hold?

3. Do you want to be a sales-manager or a vice-president of marketing? Give your reasons.

4. Over what positions do you have direct authority in your company?

5. What do you like more: to give orders or to receive orders?

6. Do you want to work in a staff department or in a line department? Give your reasons.

7. What line and staff positions can you discern? Speak about the organizational structure of this enterprise. Exercise 5. Translate into English.

1.Мої взаємовідносини з керівником дуже хороші.

2.Мій товариш займає посаду головного фінансиста.

3.Я не знайомий з організаційною структурою нашого підприємства.

4.Він більше любить віддавати накази, чим отримувати їх.

5.Я віддаю перевагу працювати у лінійному відділі.

6.Керівні відділи не пов'язані з кінцевим продуктом.

7.Структура нашого підприємства складна.

8.Я більше підходжу до керівної посади, чим до лінійної.

9.Мій прямий керівник дуже пунктуальний.

10.У сферу мого прямого підлягання входять три керівники груп.

11.Головний фінансит несе дуже велику відповідальність.

12.Я звільню свого прямого підлеглого. Він лінивий.

Exercise 1. Transfer the sentences from Active into Passive.

Model: The manager examines organizational structure of the firm. Organizational structure of the firm is examined by the manager.

1. Vice-president gives orders to his employees.

2. I receive orders from the sales manager.

3. My friend holds a position of general manager.

4. Personnel office receives resumes from prospective candidates.

5. Staff departments do different services to line departments.

6. Usually he takes the orders and fulfils the tasks very quickly.

Model: My friend is examining the organizational chart. The organizational chart is being examined by my friend.

1. I am sending my annual report to my immediate superior.

2. The foreman is firing his immediate subordinate.

3. Controller is giving the orders to his employees.

4. We are changing the organizational structure of our company.

5. The board of directors is enlarging the staff of the company.

Model: I have invested my money in real estate. My money has been invested in real estate.

1. We have considered advantages and disadvantages of partnership.

2. I have bought the shares of IBM company.

3. This business has involved big financial resources.

4. We have elected the board of directors.

5. The board of directors have chosen the company officers.

Exercise 2. Supply the correct prepositions where necessary.

1. I'm sorry to say we are not satisfied ... the quality of your goods.

2. Model A is ... great demand ... the world market.

3. We look forward ... establishing business relations with your company.

4. Your prices are not acceptable ... us. We find them too high.

5. ... what price do you sell your machines? We quote $ 1,000 ... unit.

6. You are to open a Letter ... Credit ... Ukrainian Bank ... Foreign Trade after you receive our Notification ... Readiness.

Exercise 3. Supply the correct tense-forms of the verbs.

1. Last month we (to place) a trial order with Brown and Co whom we (not to do) business before.

2. In June we (to be going) to make a transaction with Bell and Co. We (not to have) any business relations with them before.

3. "Why you (can, not to go) to the theatre with me now?" "Well, you see, I (not finish) my work yet".

4. "Why you (not to go) to the manufacturing plant yesterday afternoon?" "I (can, not to go) this because we (not to complete) the talks by that time".

Exercise 4. Supply modal verbs or their equivalents in the correct tense-form.

1. We ... to go to the plant with Mr Brown this Monday, but he hasn't arrived in Kyiv yet. We ... to go to the plant next week.

2. There is no stop near this building, you ... to get off at the next stop.

3. These things are not duty-free. You ... to pay for them.

4. If you don't leave now, you ... not come to the concert on time.

5. When ... the Sellers to deliver the goods?

6. We ... to reserve accomodations for Mr Brown tomorrow.

7. As the Buyer ... not provide shipping facilities the Seller ... to deliver the goods on these terms.


Exercise 1. Choose the necessary word and put it in the sentence (adaption, innovation, inadequate, patent, failure, success, unreasonable).

1. Though market research tries to predict the trends, there is no sure ... .

2. This product isn't original, it is an ... .

3. ... office receives applications from many young inventors.

4. If the price is ... , the product won't be sold out.

5. A clock-television is an adaptation but the television itself is an... .

6. If a sure ... is stopped, money and time can be saved.

7. They failed because of ... promotion campaign.


Exercise 1. Change the sentences according to the model. Model: We must fulfil complete testing.

Complete testing must be fulfilled.

1. They must expand the line.

2. You could apply for a patent.

3. They should work out the details.

4. I must develop a new trend.

5. We should design a line of clock-television.

6. You should start market research.

Exercise 2. Answer the questions.

1. Why is it so important for a producer to apply for a patent?

2. How much time does it usually take for a new product to catch on?

3. What is a big selling point of the items which you produce?

4. In what way can a consumer surprise the producer?

5. Would you like to produce something original or an adaptation? Explain why.

6. What are the conditions of successful product development?

7. What products are the market conditions fair for in this country?

Exercise 3. Translate into English.

1.Цей продукт- модифікація старого.

2.Мілкі виробники виробляють велику кількість товарів.

3.Вам необхідно отримати патент на виробництво цього товару.

4.Ретельне дослідження ринку необхідне, щоб гарантувати успіх.

5.Знадобиться п'ять років для того, щоб ваша продукція отримала визнання.

6.Відключаючий пристрій з таймером-це те, що привабить користувачів.

7.Потрібно закінчити всі дослідження, перед тим як ми почнемо продавати нашу продукцію.

8.Нам необхідно розширити лінію.

Exercise 4. Speak about product development of your business. Ask your colleague how he would plan product development.


Exercise 1. Make the sentences negative.

Model: I will have the drawings prepared very soon. - I won't have the drawings prepared very soon.

1. It will take much time to catch on.

2. I am sure this thing will be the biggest selling point.

3. They will run a good advertising company.

4. They will make a new modification of electronic watch.

5. This price will be inadequate.

Exercise 2. Put four questions of different types to each sentence (general, special, alternative, disjunctive).

Model: They will influence the consumer to buy their automobiles.

a) Will they influence the consumer to buy their automobiles?

b) Who will influence the consumer to buy their auto- mobiles?

c) They will influence the consumer to buy their automobiles, won't they?

d) Will they influence the consumer to buy their automobiles or other goods?

1. Their products will be available in every shop.

2. The company will start their promotion campaign very soon.

3. Our bank will make a loan to this corporation.

4. They will need a lawyer to form their business.

5. I will consult my partner.

Exercise 3. Supply the correct prepositions or adverbs where necessary.

1. Which platform does the train start ... ?

2. Which platform is the train to arrive ... ?

3. The train is due to arrive ... Manchester ... 4.20.

4. The train is due to arrive ... 20 minutes.

5. This train stops ... every small station.

6. You can go ... London ... an overnight train.

7. There is no sleeping accomodation ... this train.

8. Don't get ... the train, it stops ... this station ... three minutes.

Exercise 4. Choose and use many, much.

1. There is ... furniture in my sitting-room but there are not ... things in my bedroom.

2. We sell ... equipment to different countries of the world. ... foreign companies are interested in buying our machines.

3. We have received ... information on the model AB pump from the Sellers lately.

4. There are always ... dishes on the menu at the Dnipro restaurant.

Exercise 5. Supply the articles where necessary.

... process of ... studies is based on ... independent work. Each student is provided with ... curriculums and training methodical plans, schedules of ... independent work and ... qualification characteristics where ... designation of specialist is defined in ... detail. ... methods of remote training adopted at our university, following ... example of our colleges, substantially differ from ... traditional methods of ... education. ... given methods are also convenient because one should not come to ... Academy by all means to attend ... training meetings and sessions.



Exercise 1. Choose the necessary word and put it in the sentence (predict, influence, promote, marketing, trends, distribution, market research, product planning, consumer).

1. One of the aims of market research is to indicate new ... among people.

2. Advertising must ... the consumer and make him buy the goods produced.

3. Often marketing is called ... .

4. In order to sell a new product, a producer has to consider how to ... it.

5. The goods of this company are not sold very well, they must think about ... .

6. Sometimes it is difficult to ... through advertising.

7. If you want to produce something new, you should start with ... .

8. A producer wants to ... the new trends and then tries to influence them.

9. ... includes product development and pricing among other things.


Exercise 1. Choose the necessary word and put it in the sentence (go up, schedule, packaging, competitor, price leader, price sensitive item).

1. If the price on this product ... nobody will buy it.

2. They should ... some tests and pass results to R.D.

3. This company is the ... in this field, they can sell this product at the lowest price.

4. Customers do care about the price on this product, it is very ... .

5. ... influences the desire of a customer to buy.

6. Our ... has become the price leader in selling computer programmes.

Exercise 2. Answer the questions.

1. Who is the price leader in your business?

2. How can you become a price leader? What should you do for this?

3. How should one start a promotional campaign?

4. Why is it dangerous to produce price sensitive goods?

5. Why is it important to have competitors in business?

6. What should you do to leave your competitors behind?

7. What knowledge must you have to be good at marketing?

Exercise 3. Translate into English.

1.Маркетинг включає в себе дії, пов'язані з рухом товару від виробника до споживача.

2.Маркетинг включає в себе пранспортування, зберігання, рекламу, калькуляцію цін, продаж.

3.Вивчення ринку допомагає передвіщувати загальні напрямки попиту.

4.Реклама має сильний вплив на покупця.

5.Ми не можемо встановлювати саму низьку ціну на цей товар.

6.Ми повинні розробити план виробництва нових продуктів.

7.Збут цього товару дуже реагує на зміну ціни.


Exercise 1. Transform the sentences of real condition into the sentences of unreal condition.

Model: If we promote this right, we will (we'll) get more sales.

a) If we promoted this right, we would get more sales.

b) If we had promoted this right, we would have got more sales.

1. If we are careful we will leave behind our competitors.

2. If we phone R.D., we will get the necessary information.

3. If we change the ingredients, we will be ready for the price rise.

4. If the price of jam goes up, the increase will be passed on the consumer.

5. If they work hard, they won't lose any customers.

6. If we schedule the product development in time we will be ready for the change of the demand.

7. If we don't lose the chance, the competitors products will stay on the super-market shelves.

Exercise 2. Make transformations according to the model.

Model: Consumers wish prices would go down. - Consumers hope that prices will go down.

I wish I could work harder. - I hope I can work harder.

1. The head of the department wishes that competition would lessen.

2. The Market Research Department wishes the test results would be ready soon.

3. The Manager wishes that sales would improve.

4. We wish all the departments could fulfil their tasks.

5. Sally wishes that the Packaging Department could hurry up.

Exercise 3. Translate into English.

1.Наша фірма щорічно бере участь у Лейпцигському ярмарку.

2.У вересні цього року у столиці Індії відбудеться виставка українських товарів. Вона розповість відвідувачам про промислове та сільське господарство України, а також про науку та культуру нашої країни.

3.Мені потрібно зв'язатися з фірмою «Браун і Ко» як найшвидше.



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