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Контрольна робота

Завдання №1
Fill in each space with the appropriate word or words from the box:
sum invest
investment fixed
_ notice
en titled

If you want to invest money at short term, you've got several possibilities: first, a current is account. This is gives you the possibility of having all your money at your immediate investment. It also entitles you to a cheque-book. However it only gives 5% interest.
Second, you've got a deposit account, which usually pays about 3,5 % interest, less tax. In that respect, a deposit account is a better disposal than a current account. However, though you are entitled to a cheque-book, you can only withdraw-up to a certain sum each month. For larger amounts you must give the bank a few months' notice.
Finally, you have certificates of deposit. These pay in the order of 6,5 % interest. However, they block your capital for a fixed period of 3, 4 or 5 years.
You choice оf short-term investment, therefore, will depend largely on how quickly you'd like to have entitled to your money.

Завдання №2

Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense-form:

1. If I (not borrow) the money, I wouldn’t have been able to buy the bike.
2. If I where you, I (tell) her hew you feel.
3. If she had known you needed the eggs for the cake, she (notuse) them all.
4. She (win) the match if she hadn’t thurther ankle.
5. If you (not put up) tins shelf, you won’t have any where to put your books.

Завдання №3
Make up conditional sentences:

1. I’m not a millionaire. I will not buy my wife a palace. If…
2. My mother will come at 7 so we will have supper together. If…
3. His house didn't burn down. The firemen came at once. If…
4. I don't know what you want so I can’t help you. If…
5. I will not visit him, so he will be upset. If…

Завдання №4
Use to where necessary:

1. I saw him_____ drop his bag.
2. We expected Tоm_____ be late.
3. The officer made Ann_____ open her suitcase.
4. Ann was made_____ open her suitcase.
5. Suddenly they heard the front door_____ ореn and then_____ close softly.

Завдання №5
Translate the sentences into English:

1. Я xoчу, щоб ви прочитали цю книгу.
2. Ти б почував себе краще, якби лягав спати раніше.
3. Я бачив, що Коля прийшов.
4. Він краще знав би англійську, якби читав побільше англійських книжок.
5. Якби вони прийшли раніше, вони змогли б зайняти кращі місця.

Завдання №6
Read and translate the text orally. Rewrite and translate the first, the second, the third, the fourth, the fifth, the sixth and the eighth paragraphs:

Money and its qualities

What is money? Money can be any thing that is generally accepted in payment for goods and services. Although any thing can serve as money, as a practical matter fie material should possess the following qualities:
Stability. The value of money should be more or less the same today as tomorrow. In societies where value of money fluctuates people will hoard it in the hope that its value will increase, or spend if immediately thinking in will be worthless tomorrow. Either action could be harmful to the economy.
Portability. Modern money has to besmall enough aid light enough for people to carry.
Durability. The material chosen has to have a reason able life expectancy. For that reason most countries use a very high quality paper for their money.
Uniformity. Equal denomination of money should have the same value.
Divisibility. One of the principal advantages of money over barter is its ability to be divided into parts.
Recognisability. Money should be easily recognised for what it is and hard to copy. The quality of the paper and the engravings make paper money extremely difficult to counterfeit. We can also define money by what it does, which is to provide: A Medium of Exchange; A Measure of Value; A Store of Value.
Currency. The money you are most familiar with, consists of the paper money and coins that you almost use daily.

Завдання №7
Read the seventh paragraph and answer the question:

What makes paper money extremely difficult to counterfeit?

Завдання №8
1. Read the text and translate it in a written form:


Managerial accounting is used to provide information and analyses to managers within the organization to assist them in decision-making. Managerial accounting is concerned with measuring and reporting costs of production, marketing, and other functions (cost accounting); preparing budgets (planning); checking whether or not units are staying within their budgets (controlling); and designing strategies to minimize taxes (tax accounting.).
The questions that managerial accounting reports should answer include the following:
– What goods and services are selling the most, and what promotional tools are working best?
– How quickly we are selling what we buy, and how does that compare with other firms in the same industry?
– How much profit is the firm making and docs that compare favorably with other firms? If not, why not?
– What are our major expenses, and are they in line with what other firms spend?
– How much money are we paying in taxes, and how can we legally minimize that amount? And others.

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