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Контрольна робота

Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verb in brackets (positive or negative form of Present Indefinite or Past Indefinite):
1. He …… (not\like) to stay in Kyiv on holiday. He ……. (go) to the country house.
2. We …… (not\sell) products. We ……. (provide) services.
3. Last year they ……… (win) the championship, but this year they ………. (not\be) leaders.
4. The exhibition ……. (not\impress) me, but I ……… (meet) some of the customers there.
5. I …. (tell) nobody the project. I ……… (not\know) about it myself.

b) Ask three questions to each sentence, the first one should require Yes or No answer, the other two should begin with the words in brackets:
1. I wrote a letter to my customers. (Who…? Whom ….?).
2. She often spends much money on perfumes. (Who…? What …. On?).
3. The bus stopped at the service station. (What….? Where…..?).
4. He gave up smoking long ago (Who….? Where…….?).
5. You type very quickly. (Who ….? How).

Rewrite the sentences inserting a, an, the or- (no article) in the gaps. Underline the articles,
1. We had …. eggs for …. breakfast.
2. I go to …. cinema twice …. week.
3. Once I bought …….. magazine was ……. very interesting.
4. On …. Third of …. May there was ….. eclipse of ….. Sun.
5. …… people believe that there lives ……… big, hairy creature in …. Rocky Mountains in …….. America. On …. 25 of….. June, 1973, two people heard ….. strange noise and then saw …………. huge creature near ………… Big Muddy River. In …….. every mountain in ….. world there are such ….. stories.

Choose the correct form of the verbs in brackets about future events (plans, arrangements and predictions).

1. I hope, I (will go\am going) to London one day.
2. Don't wait for me early tonight. We (will go\are going) to the theatre.
3. Pete and Mary look so happy these days. – Don't you know? They (will get married\ are getting married) next week.
4. Many people think Ireland (will win\is going to win) the match next week.
5. I am sorry. I'm not free at 10.00. I ('ll meet\'m meeting). Tom for a drink then.
6. We (will phone\are phoning) you when we get home.
7. I didn't realize Mr. Gray needs the report now. I (will do\am doing) it immediately.
8. Do you think the customer (will answer\is going to answer) quicker if promise him a bigger discount?

Answer the following questions using Future Continuous with the verb in brackets (give the full answer):
1. What will you be doing at four o'clock tomorrow? (take a baht)
2. What will you be doing at this time on Saturday? (drive a car)
3. What will you be doing from 7 to 9 p.m.? (answer letters)
4. What will your mother be doing at this time on Sunday? (give a music lesson).
5. What subjects will the students be doing next semester? (macroeconomics and some others).

Choose the correct word from those in brackets.
1. (This, that) tall man over there is from Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
2. Look, Peter. What are (that, those)? – (That, those) are new machines for our workshop.
3. Do you know what (this, these) is? – (This, these) papers are new regulations from the Accounts.
4. I'd like to introduce you to Peter Senenko. Peter, (this, that) is Victor Kovalyov, our new customer.
5. Look at the stand. (This. these) are our latest samples.

Choose the correct word from those in brackets.
1. (My girlfriend, my girlfriend's) name is Rachel.
2. This is (me, my) friend.
3. (She, Her) job is important.
4. (We, Our) favorite shop is Harrods.
5. John and Sue are (us, our) friends.
6. (John, John's) favorite film is Terminator.
7. (Sue's, Sue) favorite books are Dracula.
8. Who are (you, your) friends?
9. What is (their, them) favorite activity?

Write down the translation of part 1. "Find the telephone number you want" ("Business English" Ю.А.Гапон, p. 68, 69) of the text "Talking On the Telephone".

Read the text "Talking On the Telephone" ("Business English" Ю.А.Гапон, p. 68-70) and write down your answers to the question:
1. What is a pay telephone?
2. Where are telephone located?

Read the text "Talking On the Telephone" very carefully and choose the correct variant(s) to complete the instruction (the instruction may have several wordings):

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